July 1st through August 30th 2019

Summer Program 2019

At Mathnasium, summer programs are all about preventing summer learning loss and helping  students to prepare for what lies ahead. For some students, that means a solid review of previous material. Others benefit from previewing upcoming concepts. Most students will get some of both. Two or more sessions per week, about 60 minutes per session, is the ideal schedule for this program.  Schedule sessions anytime during regular hours, as often as you wish, 1 hour per day, whenever it is convenient.

Math Games are offered during the summer on Mondays and Fridays from 11AM - 12PM to  currently enrolled Mathnasium members at no additional charge.  In addition, we will offer FREE STEM activities (examples include coding lessons, science experiments, make your own ice cream, etc.) on select afternoons.  It is all included; no additional fees!  We will get a schedule out by the end of June.

Monthly membership fees start at $319 for Grades 1-8 (through pre-algebra) and $369 for Grades 8-12 (agebra and above.)  We do not believe in contracts... we want you to keep coming because of our excellent instruction and personalized service, not because you are locked in a contract.

You can enroll for the summer for as little as $599 for Grades 1-8 and $698 for grades 8-12 (Algebra & Above).  If you enroll before June 22nd, 2019, you will get a 10% discount on our program fee.  So don't wait; enroll now.

For more information or to enroll for the summer, please call (516) 775-6284